The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse, overlooking the harbour, has a bar, lounges, roof terrace/outside seating area, the upper deck race office and meeting room – television, wi-fi and shower facilities.

Sailors’ Suppers are served on Thursday evenings throughout the sailing season and when there are evening talks. For Menu’s and events please go to the Social Programme page and view the monthly newsletter

Club House Office
t. 01326 270686 e.
Open Weekday Mornings 9.30am- 12noon

Club Bar
t. 01326 270696 e.
Open Every evening 1800 until Late – Times may vary on regatta days, bank holidays and during Falmouth Week.

Rear Commodore (House)
John Lewin
01326 270741

Further Information

The clubhouse offers spectacular views across the harbour and Falmouth Bay as well as being a prime vantage point for watching club racing and other events in the harbour. There is also a collection of charts and other literature available for members to browse on the Lower Deck.

Smoking of any type is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

What goes on at the Clubhouse? Find out more HERE


Bar Opening Times

Every evening 1800 – until late
Saturday & Sunday lunchtime 1200 – 1400 Easter & Summer holidays
Falmouth Week 1400 – midnight
Christmas Day 1200 – 1300
New year’s Eve 1800 – 0100

and at other times when there is a lot going on at the club. Please check the monthly Newsletter on the Social Programme page for dates and times.


Dinner will generally be available on selected evenings from 1800 – 2100 (last orders) and on Fridays or Saturdays or both throughout the year. Food will be provided for Sailors’ Suppers after Thursday evening racing during the sailing season and when winter talks take place.

In addition, dinner will be available every evening during Falmouth Week (except St Mawes day – Friday).

The catering service is also available at other times for private or special functions after checking with the Committee as per house Bylaw 6, by arrangement with the franchisee.


VIA the St Mawes Sailing Club Food WHATSAPP: 07485 938841. 

Club Clothing and Regalia

Available by mail order is a range of clothing and regalia including polo shirts, rugby shirts, sweaters and body warmers in a variety of colours, ties and burgees. Samples are on display in the Clubhouse and on the web site. Order forms are available from the office or by download from the clothes page.

Clubhouse Bye-Laws

The Club’s Licence is specifically for a “Members’ Club” and as such it is restricted by law. The principles and bye-laws set out below shall therefore apply at all times.

1.The Club and the franchise are there to provide the facilities and appropriate service for members and not to offer competition to other local businesses or the Memorial Hall.

  1. The Clubhouse is open to:

(a) members and their signed in guests

(b) Visitors who sign in as members of Clubs with Reciprocal membership arrangements, who shall be considered to be Members of the Club for the duration of their visit

(c) Visiting yachtsmen who sign in as Members of other Sailing Clubs

  1. All non-Member guests are to be signed in by their Member hosts. Such guests shall not exceed six in number per host. Each non-member guest may only be signed in on a maximum of six occasions in any one calendar year.
  2. Due to the restrictions of the Club’s Alcohol Licence, only members and visiting yachtsmen with membership of another club may purchase alcohol. Guests who are not signed in are not permitted to purchase any items of any nature at the bar.
  3. Members may hold private parties including non-Member guests, as long as the number of signed in guests does not exceed six per attending Member. The Clubhouse is only to be used for parties hosted specifically by a Club Member or Members in their private capacity. Exceptions may be granted to this bye-law for Charitable purposes by the House Committee (see bye-law 6 below).
  4. Any use of the Club by Members for private purposes must be approved by the House Committee before booking is made. Application should be made to the Rear Commodore (House) in the first instance, and in his / her absence to one of the Social Secretaries. Should all those be absent, application should be made to the Treasurer.
  5. No private use of the Club shall inconvenience any other Club Member, nor shall it clash with any Club function.
  6. At certain times, and always during racing, the Bridge Deck is a restricted area.
  7. No food or drink may be brought in from outside when the bar is open or when they are otherwise available in the Club.
  8. Alcoholic drinks may only be served to, and consumed by, those who are over eighteen. (Our licence requires us to operate a “Challenge 25 Policy”. This requires bar staff to ask for proof of age of anyone appearing to be under 21).
  9. By law, no smoking of any type is permitted anywhere inside the premises. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes.
  10. Members, their children and guests are expected to behave in a manner which does not disturb others using the Clubhouse. The bar staff are under instruction from the General Committee to refuse to serve anyone whom they consider is behaving inappropriately.
  11. Those who are under the age of twelve may only use the Clubhouse when supervised by an adult.
  12. Dogs are to be kept on short leads under control of their keepers and must not be allowed to roam the bar area. They are to be kept away from areas where food is served and/or eaten.
  13. The Clubhouse Bye laws shall apply to the Roof Area adjacent to the first floor of the Clubhouse which shall be referred to as the Terrace. Members, which shall include in this paragraph their guests, using the Terrace must keep the noise to a reasonable level. Any Member who needs to be reminded of this Rule by either the Franchisee or a General Committee Member and who fails to do so will be required to leave the Terrace. Members using the Terrace will not lean on the wall or the windows of Clock Cottage. Access to Clock Cottage is only from the street using the front door except in an emergency.