Rustler/Piper 24

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The modern-build Rustler 24 and David Boyd's 1966 designed Piper classic share the same hull and both are moulded with fibreglass. They do have some variation in their rigs and some element of boat detail. The hulls are of heavy displacement, long keel, low freeboard, a sweeping deck and elegant overhangs.

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Glenn Torpy

About Rustler/Piper 24

The Rustler 24 and Piper 24 are the very antithesis of modern light-weight racing boats…

The first Piper was launched in 1966 and the last in 1977, built by the Robertson yard in Scotland. The yard went into receivership and the mould was destroyed. In 1988 the MD of the Cornish Crabber company was so taken with the design that he bought Piper number 8 and from it constructed a new mould. His company produced 6 Pipers and in 2006 Rustler Yachts bought the moulds from Cornish Crabbers. Rustler devised a new deck, rigging and sail plan which modernised the layout and named the revised boat as the Rustler 24. Since then a further 50 have been launched of which around 10 reside the the Fal area.

Rustlers and Pipers are in the same vein as the famous 8-metres and 6-metres, Sunbeams and Dragons. They respond best to careful sail setting, considerate helming, a knowing crew and good tactics; perfectly suited to the short course racing in the Fal. Although the sail plans of the two designs do slighly differ, they provide similar overall performance, albeit in different ways and on different points of sail. In terms of handling, they are also very physically undemanding for both helm and crew!