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Club Burgee Up to the second world war the club burgee was blue with the Ship and Castle in gold on a red oval badge. After the War it became as it is today; red and white quarters with the black Shield and 15 Bezants of Cornwall in the top white quarter next to the hoist.

It might interest members to know that the Shield and Dots are part of the Cornwall County Council Coat of Arms. The 15 'yellow dots' are derivations of the original gold coins struck at Constantinople by the Byzantine Emperors between the 9th and 14th centuries, and these gold coins (then worth about 20p each) were the chief pieces of money used in Europe. The Crusaders brought these to England and introduced them into the English Heraldry about the year 1220. When King John's son, Richard, was made Duke of Cornwall, he had these coins (by now called Bezants when used in Heraldry) incorporated in his Cornwall Coat of Arms. They have remained 'Cornwall' ever since.

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