Submitting Material for the Website
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The more material that gets sent in for the website the better!  I am currently looking for:
  • Event Adverts
  • News Articles
  • Event Reports
  • Photos, Photos and more Photos
If you're organising something at the club then send me an email and let me know.

File Formats
NOTE: If you want news stories included, please see the note below...

Text can be copied from more or less any format:
  • Text File (*.txt)
  • Microsoft Word (*doc)
  • PDF (*.pdf)
  • HTML (See Below)
If you want to submit text in HTML format please download and read the HTML Guidelines.

Photos should be sent in JPEG format (please do not re-size or crop or compress images).

If you want a document to be downloadable from the site (e.g. Entry Forms) please submit it in MS Word, MS Works or PDF format.

Sending Files
Please send text, photos and documents to with any relevant explanatory notes in the body of the email.

Race Results
Please email me if you want to upload race results. It is possible to upload them direct from your computer using free scoring software called Sailwave.

News Stories
News stories can be uploaded to the website's NewsSource facility that scrolls stories across the homepage. Therefore, if you want to submit a news story, please send me:
  • The whole story
  • A 25-30 word summary
  • A 15-20 word summary
  • A relevant photo if possible