Roseland Youth Sailing Trust

Roseland Youth Sailing Trust

The Trust has been set up to offer financial support for the benefit of Juniors and Youths who couldn’t otherwise afford to participate in or advance their sailing, windsurfing or other water sports. To be eligible you must reside, attend school, work or be a member of a Sailing Club on the Roseland.

Financial support may be awarded in particular, but not limited to, the following areas of relevant expenditure;
• Support for sailing courses/instructor training fees
• Running costs e.g. Quay spaces
• Competition entry fees and associated costs (including travel and accommodation)
• Kit for boats e.g. new sails/kickers
• Sail training – Hardiesse, Rona Trust, Tall Ships
• Schools, to support provision of watersports lessons as part of the curriculum or as after school clubs/activity weeks.
• Clubs, for new kit.
• Suitable clothing

We may offer FREE sailing lessons, as part of the curriculum, for all Year 6 children in Roseland Schools.
After-school clubs for Secondary age children are also being funded.

Many parents living on the Roseland earning only a minimum wage may not be able to afford getting their children into these activities which can often be a expensive sport! With the sea on our doorstep learning to sail is not only a lifetime opportunity but also a great safety issue in Cornwall explaining the danger of the sea……Seamanship!!

The trust is a Registered Charity
Number 1164283
, so we are able claim tax back.

During the first few months of the trust we were able to grant nine bursaries.
These bursaries range in nature from learning to sail at various levels, attending a National Sailing Championships, and one sailing on a Round the World yacht whilst doing environmental research.

For current feedback see the RYST Facebook page

All of recipients are encouraged to report back to the trust and examples will appear on this page from time to time.